Lover's Bridge in Danshui =)

Hello!!! Greeting from Taipei =) Kinda lazy to update my blog as I found that there are too much things to write. Okay, trip to Danshui on last Saturday (4/5/2011). A NICE trip!
At Danshui MRT Station.
The journey to Danshui took about 45 minutes from Taipei Main Station. Hmm, just like from Kuala Lumpur to Klang by KTM. A very popular destination in Taipei with lots of hot spot.
The first stop: Tao Fu Fa =) Yummy, the tao fu fa here is so so so tasty and smooth. We choose to have a mix of original, coco, almond and pudding.
It looks NICE.
At Danshui Old Street.
Then, we walked to 金色水岸老街段 (Danshui Old Street) to tour around.
At the Temple.
There was a festival in the temple in Danshui, you can watch different dances there. But, there were too many people.
The Sunset =)
Then, after the visiting the temple, we were rushing to the Danshui Fisherman Wharf (渔人码头) so that we won't miss the sunset there. Danshui Fisherman Wharf is a MUST visit place as the scenery there is AWESOME =)
Danshui Fisherman Wharf is located further downstream from the town itself and offers a boardwalk, chic coffee shops and food windows, and some seafood restaurants with prices that the average local would consider outrageous (but may seem reasonable to visitors from Western countries). Fisherman's Wharf is also a departure point for tourist boats traveling along Taiwan's scenic northeast coast. The "Lover's Bridge", a single slanted tower cable stay pedestrian bridge, that is modeled after a sailing ship's mast and rigging, spans the harbor. The bridge's illumination changes color at night, making this area a favorite with local couples and romantics, and is also a popular site for shooting Taiwanese drama serials. Outdoor concerts are sometimes held in the amphitheater, and some of the restaurants feature live music at times.
The Sunset.
With Ban Hong.
It was so surprised that I found out that Ban Hong is there!! We met on the Lover's Bridge and it was Ban Hong who found out me first.
On the Lover's Bridge 情人桥
Zoom Out View of the Lover's Bridge.
Hmm, we are still missing some tourist hot spots there, can't visit them in a day. Hu~ It was so tired travelling Danshui. We will come back here =) To buy some biscuits.
Hmm, went to the memorial hall and taipei 101 on Sunday. Monday: Jiufen. Haha, =D... It seems more like a travelling than teaching trip.


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